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Greenacres Lemurs

Here at Greenacres Animal Park, we house two species of lemur, the Ring-Tailed lemur (Lemur catta) and the Black and White Ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata).

Both these species are native to Madagascar and, due to the threats they face in the wild, both their populations are in dramatic decline. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the Ring-Tailed lemur are classified as Endangered, while the Black and White Ruffed lemur are classified as Critically Endangered.

94% of all lemur species in Madagascar are classified as either Endangered or Critically Endangered. This is due to a range of threats including habitat loss and deforestation from slash-and-burn agriculture, logging and mining. Lemurs are also heavily hunted for their meat and are increasingly becoming popular in the illegal pet trade.

Housing both species of lemurs at Greenacres, as well as within other zoo institutions, is crucial to ensuring their survival for the future. Here at Greenacres we have especially contributed by successfully breeding our Black and White Ruffed lemurs in 2018. The young female, called Lola, is still housed at the park for you to admire, as well as her mother, Luna. They can be seen in the lemur encounter house at the park, and more information on the individuals and species can be discovered during our lemur talks held every day we are open.

If you would like a special, personal encounter with our lemurs, we are currently offering lemur experiences where you'll be able to interact and feed our lemurs within their enclosure. If you would like to experience this, or would like more information on this encounter, please email info@greenacresanimalpark.co.uk or telephone our office, during office hours, at 01244 531147.