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Christmas is coming to Greennacres! Santa will be visiting the park from Saturday 28th November! ______________________________________

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Our new website is taking shape! We hope you like it and enjoy some of its new features!


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A Victorian Style Fairground for all the family!

Greenacres has so much to see and do! As well as our fantastic range of animals, we also have a fantastic victorian style fairground with rides and attractions for you to enjoy!

Children will love our variety of spinning, whirling rides which will make them feel like they’ve entered an old-style fairground!


The latest ride attraction at Greenacres is "ZOOFARI"!  This is a great ride adventure for families, you get to ride in your own mini Land Rover! Kids- you can take the front seats with your own steering wheel, adults in the back!  We travel past the donkey rides, through the old mine tunnel and off down the cross country passing zebu cattle , buzzards, wild boar, down to badger creek and into the field where Tina the Cart Horse lives!

Please note: Zoofari has a height restriction and due to

a bumpy ride we recommend that pregnant women

and anyone suffering with back problems are advised

that this may not be suitable.

Check at reception if Zoofari is open upon arriving at

the park, this ride is weather dependent, and will not

operate in wet conditions.

Rides and Attractions

Ride Tokens



per ride

Rides are opened at the management’s discretion and some rides may not be running in inclement weather


This little wheel gives children a flying feeling as they are taken up and over the top.

You can see over the park as you rise to the top and feel the wind as you come back down to earth!

The ferris wheel is operated by a member of staff at all times and is safety checked daily


This beautiful little ride is hand-cranked by a member of our team. Children can choose their vehicle, hop aboard and take a spin!

The mini roundabout is operated by a member of staff at all times and is checked daily.


How strong are you?! Find out with the Striker! Pick up the hammer and see if you can ring the bell right at the top!